patch for keyring

Peter Lawler pidgin-devel at
Wed May 9 20:26:18 EDT 2007

Casey Harkins wrote:
> Emiliano Necciari wrote:
>> Hi to all,
>>    and thank you for pidgin.
>> I attach the patch for storing account password in gnome-keyring.
> but my guess is this won't 
> get accepted into libpurple directly. I think a better approach would be 
> to create necessary hooks in libpurple 

Just in case anyone missed a major point, Pidgin is a GTK app and *not* 
a gnome app.

I've seen resistance previously to put gnome-keyring usage into the 
core. I believe the reason there's resistance, apart from the obvious 
one stated above, is that the 'better' solution is as casey states. One 
can then code a plugin that then has it's own crazy dependencies.

(notadev either)

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