Send message option.

David Payne dapayne12 at
Wed May 9 22:26:27 EDT 2007


I am using Pidgen version 2.0.0beta6 (still called Gaim on my computer)
on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn running Gnome.  This is not that much of a
problem but when I right click on a misspelled word underlined in red,
if I happen to move the mouse just a little bit downward before I
release the right mouse button it selects the send menu option sends the
message. This happens before I can finish correcting my mistake.  I
don't like to think that I am that bad when it comes to coordination,
but it may be a good idea just to re-arrange the menu, or do something
to prevent that from happening.  It happens to me quite a bit.

Just a suggestion,

David Payne 

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