duplicate buddies crash Pidgin 2.0

Luis Mondesi lemsx1 at gmail.com
Fri May 11 10:36:39 EDT 2007

Here is the deal:

internal jabber server

when a Pidgin user adds another Pidgin user to her buddy list, Pidgin sends
an authorization request to the other user.

when the other users accepts the request, Pidgin prompts to add the user to
her buddy list and this sends an authorization request back to the user that
did the first request

when the first user accepts the auth req, Pidgin prompts to add the user to
the buddy list

here is the dilemma:

if the user adds the user to the buddy list, then she ends up with duplicate
entries to that user. If the user removes one of the two, Pidgin crashes
(Linux and Windows both do) and when launched again the user is now offline
and needs to be authenticated. in addition, if one of the two duplicate
users is moved from one group to another, and then moved back, one of the
two users is eliminated and Pidgin doesn't crash.

if the user hits cancel on the add dialog, then the user is shown as offline
or unauthorized. re-requesting the authorization fixes the user.

the question now is, is this a known issue? I looked at all the open bugs
and I couldn't find any talking about this.

I'll do a backtrace and submit a bug report if you so desire.


Luis Mondesi
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