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Mon May 14 09:19:42 EDT 2007

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M Khalid wrote:
> ok. Can I compile it as dll on linux or windows and use it with other
> interfaces like web using php.
I do not think so, not without creating some sort of interface (probably written
in C) between PHP and the DLL in question.  A PHP page is not usually around
long enough to log on to a server send a message and receive a reply.

Maybe if you explained to the mailing list what it is you are trying to achieve,
someone might have already have an example?

Phil Hannent

> On 5/14/07, Phil Hannent <phil at> wrote:
> M Khalid wrote:
>> I am developing on .NET.  I want to build the soource as dll on window
>> and linux so, i can use it as COM component in other application. I
> don't
>> need user interface just need to use the services. Please help me in
> this
>> regard as I am not much in c++ development.
> You are going to have real issues there since the libpurple is not a COM
> object.
> It does not implement the required interfaces.
> Your best bet is to look at the mono plugin which is being developed as
> part of
> a Summer of Code project.  Since mono and .net are meant to be compatible
> you
> might get something running via that.

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