Eric Polino aluink at gmail.com
Mon May 14 10:52:40 EDT 2007

> It currently uses purple_strcasestr() in pidgin/gtklog.c. I have no idea
> what Finch uses. It seems like it might be useful to move this into the
> core and make it non-blocking.

yeah, i was thinking of something like that, cause if we are going to be
doing in both Pidgin and Finch now, it would be good to use the same code.
the question would be what to move into the core and what to leave in the
UI.  i would offer my own suggestions about this, but i haven't looked at it
enough to have an opinion yet.  i'll look more into that when i get to
working on the logging stuff.  i plan to work on that later in the summer.


"...indexable arrays, which may be thought of as functions whose domains are
isomorphic to contiguous subsets of the integers."
--Haskell 98 Library Report
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