This is my new constructive idea.

James Lockie bjlockie at
Sat May 19 21:35:13 EDT 2007

Andrew Rodland wrote:
> Stop. Stop, stop, stop. Hurting. Open. Source.
> Reopen, then close it as "fixed" when 
> you can honestly say you did. Or close it as "wontfix" to tell the world in 
> plain terms that you don't think you need to serve your users.
> Andrew

I don't understand what the ticket is about.
It is not a very good bug report.
The bottom line (which someone else mentioned) is that you're free to 
become a developer.
I don't think there is a stigma over forking.
I for one am happy with the direction pidgin has taken.
Maybe users should be allowed to vote on tickets like bugzilla so 
developers can see these "thousands of users".

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