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Sun May 20 21:27:18 EDT 2007 all was good with Yahoo, but none of the other protocols I tested seem to work properly.  I must be missing some step (that doesn't appear to matter for Yahoo).
To be clear, I am trying to do the minimum possible to set up an account connection and send a message to another user.
What I have figured the steps to be:
Initialize purple (basically copied from the null client)
Register account (if it is not already registered)
Set the account password
Enable the account
Set account status to available
Wait for "signed-on" signal
Add destination ID as a buddy (not sure if this is necessary, actually)
Create a new conversation
Send the im
This seems to work fine for Yahoo, but MSN, AIM and XMPP do not seem to work.  Am I missing a step here?  Is it surprising that Yahoo should work and the others do not?

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* Jeremy Thibeaux had this to say on [07 May 2007, 08:39:29 -0700]:
> Hi Evan, Sadrul,
>   I have borrowed the initialization that is included with the nullclient, created, registered and enabled an account, created a conversation of type GAIM_CONV_TYPE_IM with the name set to the destination user, and finally use gaim_conv_im_send to send the message.  Nothing happens (outside of a console print of the message).  I am using the Yahoo protocol.

If you followed,
then I am not sure why this isn't working. Perhaps you can enable debug
and see if that tells you something relevant.

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