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Tue May 8 03:14:33 EDT 2007

Hi Sadrul,
  So having yourself and the web site confirming the core steps on sending a message, I had a closer look at what else I was doing.  Glib is something I am not familiar with, and I hadn't realized (until now), the extent to which some of these operations are asynchronous (I had hoped that they were synchronous -- but was starting to suspect otherwise).  At any rate, the principle errors were not waiting for the connection signal and not using the event loop (if the operations were synchronous, it didn't seem necessary).  Looking closer at the nullcient.c code, the connect_to_signals_for_demonstration_purposes_only function made me realize that I should wait for the signal before trying to create a conversation.  Now that I have a very naive implementation that sorta works, I think I am good to go for a while.  Thanks again, for your help.

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury <imadil at> wrote:
  (cc-ing devel where there could be more useful responses)

* Jeremy Thibeaux had this to say on [07 May 2007, 08:39:29 -0700]:
> Hi Evan, Sadrul,
> I have borrowed the initialization that is included with the nullclient, created, registered and enabled an account, created a conversation of type GAIM_CONV_TYPE_IM with the name set to the destination user, and finally use gaim_conv_im_send to send the message. Nothing happens (outside of a console print of the message). I am using the Yahoo protocol.

If you followed,
then I am not sure why this isn't working. Perhaps you can enable debug
and see if that tells you something relevant.


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