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Jon Homan jon at simplytechlive.com
Mon May 21 18:30:30 EDT 2007

Richard Laager wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-05-21 at 08:04 -0400, Ethan Blanton wrote:
>> The argument yesterday was about the removal of win32 support in
>> Pidgin.  I fully support it, and I think we should do it.  I don't
>> think it buys us anything as a project, and it is certainly a support
>> nightmare.  With the complete core/ui split in 2.0.0, there is no
>> reason that some enterprising party cannot come along and develop a
>> native win32 client.
> In the end, while this is all true, I think continuing our current
> approach of sending Windows users to #pidgin-win32 is perfectly fine.
> Those that don't wish to support Windows don't need to. If you don't
> wish to code for Windows, you really don't have to either, as datallah
> and SimGuy seem to have the win32 stuff under control.
> As far as support goes, I think the biggest problem is that many
> clueless Windows users don't honor the "go to #pidgin-win32" thing, or
> they come back to #pidgin. I think one of two approaches is going to be
> best here:

Hi all,

I am a long-time user, just recently started reading the mailing list
and sitting in IRC.

Anyways, I have an idea I would like to through out there, perhaps it
has been discussed and is old hat. But I'd like to through it out

Instead of having #pidgin and #pidgin-win32, why not have #pidgin be for
development discussion, etc and #pidgin-support for support questions,
etc. This way, only people that want to listen to "clueless users" will
have to listen to them.

Just my 2 cents,


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