Conversation window redesign

Kevin M Stange kevin at
Wed May 23 04:17:54 EDT 2007

Sean Egan wrote:
> Here's another version where the layout more closely matches that of
> the buddy list:

I prefer this layout to this others, *however*, I am perfectly happy
with things as they are.  The existing conversation window design works
exactly the way I want it to.

I've been a big fan of the current placement of the buddy icon inside
the conv window because it doesn't interfere with the size of any
important widgets (I don't consider the size of the entry widget
important provided it fits at least one line of text).

I'm trying to come up with justification for having the extra
information, but the new proposal collapses my backlog area by a line or
two, and I don't really, generally, look at my friend's away message
while talking to him.  If he changes status, the message printed to the
conversation containing the new status message would be kind of nice,
but overall, it's not a piece of information I care about during the
conversation.  Being able to see whether or not he's away, courtesy of
the tab has been enough for me.  I would rather just insert the prpl
icon to the right of the name on the tab to provide the single missing
piece of information I might care about.

The idea of floating some information in the upper right-hand (or in
RTL, left-hand?) corner of the imhtml would be pretty and an efficient
use of space, but sadly not especially feasible.

Regarding tabs, I /always/ want tabs visible in an application in which
I ever use the tabs, because having the single tab there provides direct
access to tab-related functionality one might use to maintain them
(create, delete, move, etc.).  In my opinion, tabs should always show
unless they are disabled.


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