GtkStatusIcon availability

André Lemos tux at
Wed May 23 11:44:11 EDT 2007

Casey Harkins wrote:
> André Lemos wrote:
>> I've been going through gtk+ API's documentation to find out how to 
>> retrieve the coordinates for the status icon on the notification 
>> area, and I've found gtk_status_icon_get_geometry(), but it requires 
>> me to have GtkStatusIcon.
>> The question is, I suppose libpurple doesn't provide me with this, 
>> since that is something exclusive to pidgin (the GUI), so is there 
>> any other way I could get this kind of information?
> libpurple won't provide you with it, but we can add api to pidgin 
> (your plugin would need to be a pidgin plugin, not a libpurple 
> plugin). GtkStatusIcon is not an option, because of the desire to 
> maintain backwards compatibility with older versions of gtk.
> There is a patch[1] in trac that adds api to pidgin to get these 
> coordinates, though the patch doesn't implement it for win32 (which 
> would be required before it gets applied).
> The patch is assigned to me and I plan on tackling it as soon as I'm 
> back near my windows box for a few days. Of course, patches are 
> welcome if someone else has the time. Otherwise, I expect I can get 
> this in by 2.0.2.
> -casey
> [1]

I was doing precisely what the ticket poster did as an example, eheh


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