GtkStatusIcon availability

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Wed May 23 10:57:32 EDT 2007

André Lemos wrote:
> I've been going through gtk+ API's documentation to find out how to 
> retrieve the coordinates for the status icon on the notification area, 
> and I've found gtk_status_icon_get_geometry(), but it requires me to 
> have GtkStatusIcon.
> The question is, I suppose libpurple doesn't provide me with this, since 
> that is something exclusive to pidgin (the GUI), so is there any other 
> way I could get this kind of information?

libpurple won't provide you with it, but we can add api to pidgin (your 
plugin would need to be a pidgin plugin, not a libpurple plugin). 
GtkStatusIcon is not an option, because of the desire to maintain 
backwards compatibility with older versions of gtk.

There is a patch[1] in trac that adds api to pidgin to get these 
coordinates, though the patch doesn't implement it for win32 (which 
would be required before it gets applied).

The patch is assigned to me and I plan on tackling it as soon as I'm 
back near my windows box for a few days. Of course, patches are welcome 
if someone else has the time. Otherwise, I expect I can get this in by 



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