Menu restructuring

jonathan jonathan.schluessler at
Thu May 24 06:14:22 EDT 2007

Evil Dennis Ristuccia wrote:
> Sean Egan wrote:
>> Hi!
>> What do you think of this proposal:
>> Help > Online Help is killed.
>> Help > Debug Window is moved to Tools > Debug Window
>> Help > About is moved to Buddies > About Pidgin
>> OR
>> Buddies is renamed to Pidgin and Help > About is moved to Pidgin > About Pidgin
>> (Buddies isn't an entirely accurate name)
>> The allow_shrink property of the buddy list window is unset, making
>> the minimum window size equal to the width of the menu with only
>> Buddies (or Pidgin), Accounts, and Tools.
> Why not combine Tools and Buddies, and condense them if you're looking 
> to save space?
> Show and Add can be their own expanding menus to save some additional 
> space..
> In my opinion we shouldn't kill off the help menu.. However, we *SHOULD* 
> put something that _is_ helpful in there. If we can't manage to pull 
> that off then it should be killed. Help is not very "helpful" currently..

I really like your idea to combine Tools and Buddies and to group 
"show", "sort buddies" and "add".

Maybe the "Debug Window" should be in that list too. I think it's very 
misplaced at "Help".

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