Menu restructuring

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu May 24 13:48:49 EDT 2007

On Thu, 24 May 2007 07:33:40 -0400, Nathan Walp wrote
> Has anyone considered or mocked-up an old-ICQ-style square Pidgin 
> icon next to the status selector, that might have a menu like:
> [P]
>    \ Add
>        \ Account
>        \ Buddy
>        \ Chat
>        \ Group
>    \ account1 at
>        \ Edit Account
>        \ Yadda
>        \ Yadda

I don't like this idea.  I don't like all those crazy submenus.  I didn't like
it in old ICQ clients and I don't like it in Psi.  I feel like our menus are
the result of lots of careful evolution, and changing things without a very
good reason is a bad idea.

People are used to our menu layout.  Ideally the debug window wouldn't be
needed at all.  Users shouldn't need to look at the debug window to figure out
why something isn't working.  In my mind it's just a handy tool to help us
developers, and I think keeping it in the Help menu is best because it's out
of the way.

You can call me Mr. Electron because I am one negative sumnavitch.


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