Menu restructuring

Evil Dennis Ristuccia dennisr-gaimdevel at
Thu May 24 01:58:56 EDT 2007

Sean Egan wrote:
> Hi!
> What do you think of this proposal:
> Help > Online Help is killed.
> Help > Debug Window is moved to Tools > Debug Window
> Help > About is moved to Buddies > About Pidgin
> OR
> Buddies is renamed to Pidgin and Help > About is moved to Pidgin > About Pidgin
> (Buddies isn't an entirely accurate name)
> The allow_shrink property of the buddy list window is unset, making
> the minimum window size equal to the width of the menu with only
> Buddies (or Pidgin), Accounts, and Tools.

Why not combine Tools and Buddies, and condense them if you're looking 
to save space?

Show and Add can be their own expanding menus to save some additional 

In my opinion we shouldn't kill off the help menu.. However, we *SHOULD* 
put something that _is_ helpful in there. If we can't manage to pull 
that off then it should be killed. Help is not very "helpful" currently..

Dennis Ristuccia
dennisr at

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