bounty on offer to add extra sound event in pidgin...

Murray Gray murray at
Sat May 26 23:00:29 EDT 2007

hi everyone,

we're an IM-related project and we're referring our users
to Pidgin as our officially supported IM tool since it's
the best and most user-friendly cross-platform IM package
out there. (thanks for all the good work!)

i'm writing to ask whether anyone would be interested in
adding an extra sound event into pidgin for us?  we're
happy to pay a bounty to get this done.

the event is the chat invitation dialog popup.  our users
need to be able to hear when the dialog pops up, and unless
we're missing something this event does not have a sound
associated with it in the current version of pidgin.

is anyone interested?  if so - please make me an offer :-D

all the best


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