bounty on offer to add extra sound event in pidgin...

Ethan Blanton elb at
Sun May 27 16:59:01 EDT 2007

Murray Gray spake unto us the following wisdom:
> we're an IM-related project and we're referring our users
> to Pidgin as our officially supported IM tool since it's
> the best and most user-friendly cross-platform IM package
> out there. (thanks for all the good work!)

Thank you.

> i'm writing to ask whether anyone would be interested in
> adding an extra sound event into pidgin for us?  we're
> happy to pay a bounty to get this done.
> the event is the chat invitation dialog popup.  our users
> need to be able to hear when the dialog pops up, and unless
> we're missing something this event does not have a sound
> associated with it in the current version of pidgin.
> is anyone interested?  if so - please make me an offer :-D

I'll take $100, to a donee of my choice (I prefer the NRA-ILA) to
tell you to use purple_conversations_get_handle() as the handle, and
"chat-invited" as the signal name.

Since this signal has exited since at least 2005, and I didn't insert
it, you really don't owe me anything.  I'm sure the NRA-ILA would
appreciate the donation either way.  ;-)

Probably the reason that you missed this signal is that it is defined
as part of libpurple, not Pidgin.  Most IM- and buddy list-related
signals (that is to say, signals which do not directly relate to UI
functionality) will be found in libpurple, not Pidgin.  If this signal
doesn't do what you're looking for, please let us know and we'll see
if we can find one that does.

This particular event should probably just have a sound associated
with it, actually, that seems like a very reasonable thing to want to


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