GTK+-2.4 functions being called

Gabriel Schulhof nix at
Sun May 27 16:47:20 EDT 2007


I was attempting to compile Pidgin against the following environment:
- glib-2.0 : 2.0.7
- atk      : 1.0.0
- pango    : 1.0.0
- gtk+-2.0 : 2.0.0

I had to comment out the following lines:

gtkconv.c:7922: gtk_entry_set_alignment
gtkconv.c:8329: gtk_event_box_set_visible_window
gtkimhtml.c:4435: gtk_event_box_set_visible_window

These function calls are only available starting GTK+-2.4 (according to{EventBox,Entry}.html).

I don't know if the line numbers will continue to line up in
h:im.pidgin.pidgin for very long, but you can always search for the
function calls.



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