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I just joined this list.  I'm sorry to be bringing up something someone already maybe did.  In the wiki says, "We aim to have an abstracted, protocol-agnostic API for voice and video, which makes the task harder. Also adding to the difficulty is that now that we have a completely split core
 (libpurple) and UI (Pidgin and Finch), we refuse to take a step backward and violate this split."

I want to  ask, is it a problem to use gstreamer.  I see that it is already used for the standard notification sounds.  Perhaps a gstreamer based api can still be independent of the GUI allowing any kind of output sink.  Is the main problem just building all of the protocol plugins to do
 video/voice setup as well as the input (and perhaps output) plugins for multimedia.  If this is the case, is it a problem for some people (like me) who are not busy with the pidgin main-development process to try to build it using gstreamer?


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