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I suspect that he meant to send this to the list

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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 15:02:52 -0500
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Luke Schierer wrote:
>On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 11:01:48PM +0530, Shreevatsa R wrote:
>>* Quoting Ethan Blanton who at 2007-11-28 11:19:49-0500 (Wed) wrote
>>>Ankit Singla spake unto us the following wisdom:
>>>>I gathered this. My argument is for red to be someone has sent a message 
>>>>to you, and blue be someone has sent a message but not necessarily to 
>>>You are not the first person to express this opinion; however, we had
>>>the behavior that you suggest implemented in the development code for
>>>some time, and there were overwhelming responses that people did *not*
>>>like it.  It is pretty clear at this point that it is a personal
>>>preference, and that we aren't going to make everyone happy.  My
>>>general sense is that the current behavior is "more popular", but I
>>>have extremely limited behavior to back that up.
>>Popularity is not a good argument, doing the Right Thing is (remember
>>protocol icons?) 
>>As messages sent to me are more important than general messages, and red
>>is more prominent than blue[1], it makes sense to fix them. People will
>>get used to it. Isn't doing The Right Thing part of the design
>>[1]: If this is seriously in doubt, I can try to find references :)
>>PS: Also, popularity-wise, I suspect people have been using Pidgin more
>>for IM than group chats.
>Whether or not red is more prominent than blue will depend on the
>background color.  Any reference you find that states otherwise is
>That is why these colors should be themable via the gtkrc theme files,
>and why I have consistently stated that we would accept such a patch
>(provided it did not introduce any other bugs, so on).

This is an important point, and I am willing to accept this argument. As 
Ethan said in his message, arguments have been brought up about the 
shade not being eye-catching enough. My argument centers around the 
eye-catching aspect, not the color red. If a less-dark 
(brighter/lighter/what-have-you) color is used, I will be appeased.

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