Perl Join/Create Chat Examples?

Andrew Snedeker gator at
Thu Nov 1 10:16:51 EDT 2007


We are developing a Perl plugin to automatically join a user to a
persistent skills related chat room or create a new chat based on user
skills (the users/skills are defined in a separate DB). I currently have
the plugin working to retrieve the relevant chat room or user names. Now
I need to actually join the user to a given chat or create a new one
just as you would through the existing UI. However, without any example
documentation, I am mired in blindly coding the steps necessary to
perform these functions:

1. Given a chat room name, join the user and pop the standard chat
2. Given a list of user names, create a chat, pop the chat window, and
invite the users.

Any help developing "join_chat()" and "create_chat()" functions would be
very helpful.

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