php port, licenses

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Tue Nov 6 21:48:19 EST 2007

Anatoliy Belsky wrote:
> Of course, I'm not a lawyer. Therefore I'm asking here. But I read about the 
> similar situation with a php project, where the developers of the original 
> lib gave the extra permission to link their lib with php (in spite of the GPL 
> license).

As Richard indicated previously, getting permission here is not 
possible, given the large number of contributors, many of whom may be 
difficult or impossible to track down.

#include <std_im_not_a_lawyer_disclaimer.h>

I don't want to discourage you though. If it is possible legally to 
create a GPL'ed php extension, then there shouldn't be any problem 
creating a GPL'ed php extension which links with libpurple. A quick 
check of google shows a few php extensions that are GPL'ed (ffmpeg-php, 
phpclamavlib), so presuming they checked the legality (which might be 
presuming a lot), I think you'd be OK so long as your extension is GPL'ed.

You might want to check with the PHP folks and see if they have an 
opinion on creating GPL licensed PHP extensions.


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