Fwd: Spell check in Pidgin 2.2.2-1.fc8 ?

Luke Schierer lschiere at pidgin.im
Fri Nov 16 07:52:15 EST 2007

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Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 23:41:06 -0500
From: Brad Miller <brademiller at gmail.com>
To: "Luke 'LSchiere' Schierer (pidgin support)" <lschiere at users.sf.net>
Subject: Spell check in Pidgin 2.2.2-1.fc8 ?

Good evening,

I love the new Pidgin!  I recently upgraded from Fedora Core 6 to FC 8 and
got the new version in place of Gaim.  This rocks!

I hvae lsst mye spellcheck capabilites thouhg.  ;)

Sorry to contact you about this, but I did not find restoring/activating
spell check in the FAQ.  After much googleing and yahoo searching I have
only come up with a couple of sites explaining how to get spell check to
work in Windows, but not Linux.

The file:///home/USERNAME/.purple/prefs.xml has the entry:  <pref
name="spellcheck" type="bool" value="1"/>

This was a clean install of Fedora Core 8.  I have gtk+, gtkspell, and
aspell installed.

Can you offer any suggestions to getting spell check operational?

Thanks so much,

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