MSNP14 cannot reply offline messages

Chao Cao fatfatwolf at
Wed Nov 28 02:09:39 EST 2007

Since MSNP14 is not officially supported yet, I guess I could send this 

I tried latest MTN version and also tried with MSNP14 with 2.3.0 
release, and both of them can receive offline messages OK (great work!). 
However, I can not reply those messages. Or, be more specific, I can 
reply without an error, and my offline or "pseudo offline" (or "appear 
offline" in Windows) buddy will not see my reply. I remembered that in 
normal MSNP9 versions, I could still reply those messages if it's sent 
within 1 mins or so, but this might not be related...

I looked it up in existing tickets, and it seemed to be still unnoticed.

BTW, is MSNP14 gonna be stable in next release?

Finally, a million thanks from an end user


Chao Cao

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