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Gal Topper galt280 at
Thu Nov 29 15:53:49 EST 2007

I don't actually mind the new colour scheme too much. It was just the
implication that the inability to tell red from green is even remotely
common that triggered me here. Colour blindness is common, and extreme
colour blindness like the above is very uncommon. Please don't mix the two.

> > Finch on the other hand, has a real
> > problem<>when it comes to colour
> > blindness.
> This, I don't understand.  The finch man page clearly explains how to
> change these colors.  (Search for [colors] and [colorpairs].)

Sure, but because this is actually a major usability issue affecting most of
the 10% mentioned (though I only have my perception to back this up at the
moment), not only a tiny fraction, I think it should be addressed. The
defaults do matter, even when configurable, especially when a colour blind
user *doesn't immediately know* that the colour scheme is the problem. For a
colour blind user, the drop down menus simply don't work, unless there is a
non colour blind person to tell them otherwise.
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