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Wed Nov 28 11:19:49 EST 2007

Ankit Singla spake unto us the following wisdom:
> >The tab colors were changed so that person-to-person instant messages 
> >would be consistent with multi-person chat rooms:
> ah
> >blue means that someone has sent a message to you.
> I gathered this. My argument is for red to be someone has sent a message 
> to you, and blue be someone has sent a message but not necessarily to you.

You are not the first person to express this opinion; however, we had
the behavior that you suggest implemented in the development code for
some time, and there were overwhelming responses that people did *not*
like it.  It is pretty clear at this point that it is a personal
preference, and that we aren't going to make everyone happy.  My
general sense is that the current behavior is "more popular", but I
have extremely limited behavior to back that up.

It is unfortunate that Gtk+ themes do not provide a standard resource
(to my knowledge) for this sort of text.  Probably the next best thing
we can do is make this color scheme configurable via Gtk+ properties
specific to Pidgin.  This will also open an avenue for one of the Gtk+
theme plugins to provide a simple tunable, while not putting a
preference that most people will neither understand without
experimentation nor care about in the standard panes.


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