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Ethan Blanton elb at
Wed Nov 28 11:33:45 EST 2007

notaktak at spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > > BTW, is MSNP14 gonna be stable in next release?
> >
> > It depends if people help to fix it rather than complaining that it's
> > not stable (having gone out of their way to enable it despite knowing
> > that it's been disabled because it's not stable).
> The code is not horribly far from ready. I'm basically using it and
> switching back to MSNP9 whenever I need to do something that blows up,
> which is basically adding/removing/blocking/unblocking, and dealing with
> the fact that changing screenname/buddy icon is broken.
> I think we could do with an MSNP14 target in the tracker to report bugs
> against so we get a list of release blockers rather than just having a
> feeling that it's 'a bit broken', which isn't moving anything along at
> all. Just a thought, since there's no way I'm going to be able to work
> on any of the code myself before February.

I would rather we did not just yet, because that will encourage people
to use known-broken code that *interacts with public servers* on a
larger scale.  I would rather that a few enterprising users who want
MSN and have some programming clue spent some hours fixing up the most
egregious bugs in what we have, so that we could make a proper release
with an MSNP14 plugin which may not be finished, but we believe to be
largely correct in what it *does* do.  The developers who are working
hardest on MSN at the moment (and, thanks to them -- that seems to be
(from my point of view) Ka-Hing and Stu) don't *use* MSN themselves,
or use it only lightly, and so are understandably spending time on
other things, as well.  All it would take is one volunteer who uses
MSN heavily and has a few hours of solid work to spare, and we could
release with this thing.

Many users pooh-pooh the suggestion, but it really is at best common
good manners, and at worst self-preservation, to *not* hit up public
servers with code that is any more broken than we have to.


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