Alternative MSN prpl

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at
Thu Nov 29 10:16:52 EST 2007

Hi everybody,

I did some quick work on the MSN prpl and I really liked the results
so I'm sharing this with you.

My changes allow _real_ server aliases, which means that you will
never loose your Pidgin aliases again, at least not in MSN. Set an
alias for your buddy, go to another computer and there you'll have it
too. Even on the official MSN client, but who is using that anyway :P

This hasn't been tested thoroughly so don't be surprised if you find
some stupid bugs.

This isn't following any Pidgin best practices, and it will probably
stay that way in order to achieve more functionality. Depending on the
success of this I might feel motivated enough to work on the next
feature: direct connection, which will allow fast file transfers (not
too complicated IMHO).

I created a git repository only of with MSN prpl. It's easy to hack so
you can try different things if you like. Just:

git clone git://
make install

It won't affect your MSN accounts. You can create new accounts for the
'WLM' protocol.

You are welcome to send any kind of patches. This isn't official after all ;)

I would like to hear your comments. Best regards.

Felipe Contreras (the guy that doesn't like MSN, but most of his
friends are there)

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