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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Thu Nov 29 11:32:10 EST 2007

Felipe Contreras wrote:
> I would like to hear your comments. Best regards.

I have a few comments:

1.  "Real" server aliases should have been submitted to us as a patch.  We do
server aliases on other protocols.

2.  MSN p2p file transfers should also be submitted to us as a patch.  We would
certainly be willing to accept a well-written patch to implement said feature.

3.  By saying you intend to continue not to follow "any Pidgin best practices",
does that mean you intend to violate the core/ui split and trample on the work
that had been going on from the GTK+ 2 rewrite until 2.0.0beta4 was released?
While third-party plugins can do whatever they want, violating the core/ui split
would be fundamentally stupid, in my opinion.

4.  I personally would have used a monotone branch for this instead of git, but
that's just me.

5.  We welcome patches too.


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