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> > As messages sent to me are more important than general messages, and red
> > is more prominent than blue[1], it makes sense to fix them. People will
> > get used to it. Isn't doing The Right Thing part of the design
> > philosophy?

> This argument is popular.  It may even be true for some people.
> However, red/green colorblindness is the most common form of
> colorblindness, and colorblindness afflicts somewhere around 10% of
> men in Western countries (I have no figures for non-Western countries;
> it may or may not be similar) (if "providing references" is in style,
> I can provide some for this, as well).  This isn't to say that red is
> non-negotiable, but this is also a consideration, particularly when
> the argument "red is more noticable" is brought up.

The name "red/green colorblindness" is misleading. Had it really meant an
inability to distinguish red from green, 10% of men would be incapable to
drive through intersections with traffic lights.
It's a lot more subtle than that really, and the red and green previously
used in Pidgin were very clearly distinguishable (I'm colour blind, and I
could see the difference just fine).

Finch on the other hand, has a real
problem<>when it comes to colour

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