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Thu Nov 29 20:46:22 EST 2007

On Nov 29, 2007 6:32 PM, John Bailey <rekkanoryo at> wrote:
> Felipe Contreras wrote:
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> > I would like to hear your comments. Best regards.
> I have a few comments:
> 1.  "Real" server aliases should have been submitted to us as a patch.  We do
> server aliases on other protocols.

Well, you have something that I assume is more official, which is
serv_got_alias, but you don't have serv_got_real_alias, or something.
So the prpls need to call purple_blist_alias_buddy, which is curious,
because you have serv_got_alias for purple_blist_server_alias_buddy,
but nothing for purple_blist_alias_buddy.

I know there's a proper way to do this, but I won't wait for some
consensus among the developers about what is the proper way to set a
real alias. I have stated many times before my opinion that
libpurple's concept of "server alias" is flawed, I just don't care
anymore about proper ways.

> 2.  MSN p2p file transfers should also be submitted to us as a patch.  We would
> certainly be willing to accept a well-written patch to implement said feature.

Of course, just like the series of MSNP10 patches I helped to build up [1].

> 3.  By saying you intend to continue not to follow "any Pidgin best practices",
> does that mean you intend to violate the core/ui split and trample on the work
> that had been going on from the GTK+ 2 rewrite until 2.0.0beta4 was released?
> While third-party plugins can do whatever they want, violating the core/ui split
> would be fundamentally stupid, in my opinion.

I agree it would be fundamentally stupid... if the core's API for
prpls was sane.

I probably can't convince you, but the core's API for MSN is just not
right. So instead of waiting for miracles to happen on the core, I
prefer to write hacky workarounds to make the MSN prpl work as it

> 4.  I personally would have used a monotone branch for this instead of git, but
> that's just me.

Indeed. Certainly not me.

> 5.  We welcome patches too.

I'm sure you do. But I'm not eager to go into the process of waiting
for months for my patches to get some feedback, let alone acceptance.


Felipe Contreras

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