Feature Request: Tabbed Contact/Buddy Lists by Protocol

Frank Lanitz linux at partysoke.de
Fri Nov 30 08:07:30 EST 2007

Hi Julius, 

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 20:56:32 -0800
"Julius Lee" <forcifer at gmail.com> wrote:

> It would be really cool to have the option for a tabbed buddy list
> window, with different protocols having their buddy lists on separate
> tabs. This could me a lot neater for people who have a lot of
> contacts on each protocol. What do you think?

I don't like this idea very much. I've got a big number of contacts in
my list (over all protocols > 100) and I prefer to have one list. If
there is somebody who use different protocols I added all of his
entries under one buddy (how is this called correctly?) so he (or her)
got only one entry in contact list. 


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