Two things that I hate in Pidgin right now

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Sep 2 21:35:23 EDT 2007

On Sun, 2 Sep 2007 18:05:18 -0700, Sean Egan wrote
> On 9/2/07, Sean Egan <seanegan at> wrote:
> > On 9/2/07, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:
> > > 1. CTRL+f searching in a conversation window searches from the bottom to the
> > > top.  Searching from the top to the bottom is the default in every
> > > that I've ever used.  Doing this backwards is confusing, annoying, and is a
> > > disservice to the user.
> >
> > I may be mistaken, but aren't you the one who actually wrote that?
> /me retracts that, after reading Bryan's reply and realizing you're
> talking about the conversation window, in which case, I wrote it.
> I made the change to search from the bottom, my IRC tab would be 
> blue, and I wanted to Ctrl-F my name and not have to bother with 
> messages I said two days ago.
> You're the first person yet to be annoyed, confused, and disserviced
> by this. Is there a particular reason you want to see the oldest
> messages first?

I use Ctrl-F for the same thing as you.  I think the difference is that, once
I've seen all the mentions of my name I use Ctrl-L to clear the conversation
window.  So I can see the mentions of my name chronologically without seeing
things from two days ago.

Oldest to newest searching just seems more natural to me.  Generally my name
will be mentioned a few times within a couple of minutes.  It makes sense to
see the first one first and then you can follow the flow of the conversation
in the order it happened.

I use Ctrl-f maybe once a day in Pidgin, and every time I do I have to remind
myself that it's backwards from every other program ever written.


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