Two things that I hate in Pidgin right now

Josh Williams yurimxpxman at
Mon Sep 3 02:03:01 EDT 2007

On 9/2/07, Sean Egan <seanegan at> wrote:
> Welcome to July, Mark! :)
> Being smaller was one benefit, but it's mostly for better
> organization. We have 14 items in the formatting toolbar, which makes
> for an unwieldly array of icons. A bit of organization has improved it
> a long way.
> Of all the changes we've made recently, this is one of the least contended.
> Of course, you don't need to use a drop-down menu to make something
> bold; the Ctrl-B binding is easier than both toolbar layouts.

While I personally don't use the toolbar more than once a week, this
has bugged several people on the GNU/Linux systems I administer
because they're accustomed to inserting smileys via the button. It's
just handier to have it there.

Couldn't it be changed so it's customisable? I'm not a big fan of the
new layout, but I do see some advantages as long as the user still has
the choice to display things the way he wants.

If I can find the time sometime this week, I may write a patch for
it.. not sure if I'll have time any time soon, though, with college
and wget already (/me wants to do so much that he doesn't have time

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