Finch and console ui

Kelly Wilson wilsonkk at
Tue Sep 4 22:49:52 EDT 2007

Hey Bill,

I don't think the actual console ui build will be done until the issues
with ncurses are addressed. That is the way things were for me when
porting libpurple/finch to Syllable OS. I used the
--enable-consoleui=yes argument like you did but it wasn't enabled at
the end of the configure script until I had dynamic libraries for

For my build I had to get ncurses dynamic libraries to build on Syllable
first, then the configure script would find -lncurses and -lpanel (this
will solve the problems #3 and #4 since you don't need ncursesw to
build...just -lncurses. The same goes for -lpanel and -lpanelw). The
initscr function will then be found properly, as well, I believe. 

I can't guarantee that finch will run without -lncursesw/-lpanelw, just
that it will build, since finch won't run on Syllable yet (maybe I do
need those libs to run?!? Could someone let me know? ;)

I have my ncurses dynamic libraries in /usr/local/lib. The ,libncurses++ and are also included in the ncurses


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