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Joanna Chopard (jchopard) jchopard at
Thu Sep 6 05:42:09 EDT 2007

Hi all,
I thought I'd ping the group for any advice regarding my project to
connect pidgin to a virtual game called Secondlife.
The project is to see if we could add a protocol to pidgin for
connecting to Secondlife so that a user could have a live chat session
with avatars in-world.  The idea is that with pidgin, one could be
connected to multiple chat servers like yahoo, msn, sametime, in
addition to Secondlife!
There is an open source library, libsecondlife written in C# (mono in
linux) that one could use for interfacing with Secondlife, such as
logging into the grid.  I'm wondering if it would be possible to hook
this up to pidgin or libpurple, wherever it would be necessary...
After browing through the libpurple, I see a few problems and need your
- First, how to hook up pidgin written in C and libsecondlife written in
  Currently, pidgin is built on windows using Mingw makefiles.  In order
to make C# calls from pidgin, would one have to build it in .NET?  Has
anyone attempted this yet?  
  Since pidgin would be using libsecondlife (not libpurple) to connect
to the server, would this be considered a plugin?  
- It looks that libpurple connects to a server via http proxy calls, and
libsecondlife connects to the secondlife server via xmlrpc methods.  
  Is it possible to write a protocol for libpurple, in C, and connect to
a server using xmlrpc calls?  In this case, it would be an addition to
the libpurple.
I'm a bit unclear on how to pull the two together, so if any of you have
any insights to share, I'd really appreciate it.
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