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Kevin M Stange kevin at
Thu Sep 6 12:08:18 EDT 2007

Ankit Singla wrote:
> I do digests, so sorry if I missed any conversation about this. When
> would this get read back by IMHTML? When I tested this, the conversation
> backscroll and saved conversation seemed okay, so I'm not sure where
> else I should have checked except maybe conversation logs.
> Ankit
> PS sorry for breaking things

It seems it occurred anywhere in Pidgin that an IMHTML widget was used,
such as the AIM profile editor, the buddy note plugin, away messages,
etc.  When they were saved, they'd be written with <br>\n and read
back/used as having \n\n.  It also would happen that using line breaks
(shift+enter) in a conversation would send extras to your medium, which
resulted in transmission of blank lines on IRC, etc.

Anyway, Sadrul is awesome and seems to have come up with a suitable fix
already, so you needn't worry! :)


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