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[By the way; your emails are quite poorly formatted and difficult to
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 have access to a reasonable mail client, its use would be
 appreciated.  At the very least, wrapping lines at or around 72
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Bill Fassler spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I'm familiar with SVN, but have never used MTN.  A preponderance of
> your documentation leaves me to believe I am screwed.  I am using a
> new Ubuntu distribution and just updated my monotone and universe and
> after performing a mtn --version check I confirm that it is versions
> 0.31 which is apparently not compatible with your database.

As khc suggested, just snag the static binary from


> Now at this point if I run ./confure (with my args) it will actually
> enable consoleui despite the above warnings and errors, but nothing
> will build because the Makefile is hosed.

What do you mean by "the Makefile is hosed"?  If you mean that the
link arguments are still in the wrong order, this is expected; some
more changes will be required to fix that.  If there are other
problems, then something else is afoot.

> My concerns are

> 1) When I run aclocal in a cross compile environment I wonder if it is
>    appropriate for it to be going to the host machine directories
>    (I.E. usr/share/aclocal)

For aclocal, this should be OK in *most* circumstances.  However, at
the very least you may need to _augment_ it with information from the
cross-compile environment; in some circumstances things may need to be

> 2) I notice in that ac_prog_intltool exists originally in your
>    aclocal.m4 file as an alias or something:
> But disappears after I run the autogen commands and is completely undefined.
> I think the two changes I made to (based on Ethan's
> suggestion) are necessary not just for me, but for anyone trying to
> build anything static and I believe they should be incorporated into
> your next release.  I'm just hoping to find some way to get the
> changes to work on my Ubuntu cross-development environment today.

As I said before, this isn't really due to building *statically*, but
the way your linker is behaving (which is not incorrect).  You are
correct, however, that these changes are correct and will be necessary
in some circumstances.


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