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Bill Fassler bill.fassler at
Wed Sep 26 10:32:14 EDT 2007

I am grateful to everyone who helped me through this porting process.
I finally have Finch displayed on my embedded development board.  For 
the time being I abandoned the static build and reverted to dynamically
shared format (since the static build didn't seem to be working anyway)
I have Finch running with uClinux on a Blackfin DSP processor and is being displayed on a small Sharp TFT LCD (3.5" x 2.5").

I launch Finch from a system console.  I have full and accurate USB 
keyboard HID within the system console, but I have problems with
the keyboard interface once Finch is launched.  I can ALT-A and see the
Action  menu and that is about it.  My arrow keys don't work and the
tab doesn't work, basically I can't  seem to interface with it yet, but I
know my basic drivers for USB and keyboard and mouse and
everything else all work.

The environment variable that allows keyboard HID within the console
on my target board is CONSOLE=/dev/tty2.  Would this conflict with
what Finch would expect? Can any of you think of a reason I might be
experiencing this?

Libiconv, gettext, libxml2, glib and Finch in its dynamic form created
a footprint that I considered unacceptably large for an embedded 
product.  I could not figure out a way to disable internationalization
so I simply did not populate my board with the /usr/share/locale 
directory thinking that as long as I didn't use internationalization it
wouldn't have an impact.  Is it at all possible that the missing locale
directory is having an impact on my keyboard HID??

Anyway I am sorry I know this may not be fair to ask you all, but as I
attempt debug and troubleshooting on my own, I would very much
appreciate any words of advice.

I'd rather have it working fully and tested with at least one protocol
before I show you all a picture of the board with Finch running.  I 
think it is kind of cool.


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