Skype Plugin

Eion Robb eion at
Thu Sep 13 23:06:02 EDT 2007

On Fri, 14 Sep 2007 14:43:52 +1200, Evan Schoenberg <evands at>  
> This might be the hardest part of the plugin in terms of interfacing
> with libpurple;
ok.  sounds like fun ;)

>   2) Have a contact action which "initiates a multi-user chat"
There's no built in multi-user chat_start mechanism in libpurple?

> chat_send and send_im can therefore be simple wrappers on some more
> generic sending function, but for now both will need to be implemented.
I think for now, I'll stick with send_im and get something out quickly,  
rather than messing around with less-important multi-user-chat stuff.

> Appropriately blurring the artificial distinction between IM and Group
> Chat which currently exists would be a good thing... so if you'd like
> to tackle it yourself or start a discussion on how best to accomplish
> that, it would be welcomed :)
Do a majority of other protocols treat single and multi-user chats  

> There are a number of utility functions in util.c:
> purple_running_gnome()
> purple_running_kde()
> purple_running_osx()  (If using the define for Mac OS X, I'd use
> __APPLE__ rather than __OBJC__
I'm after some compile-time #def's.  There's also a different Skype API  
for Carbon than there is for Cocoa, so I'll use both __APPLE__ and  
__OBJC__ atm :)
Any idea of #defines for determining if X11 or DBUS is installed?  Might  
have to check to see if Skype runs without an X11 session (so finch could  
use it too)

> You might find it useful to add purple_running_windows() for
> parallelism in the code... though others might consider that
> unnecessary public API.
Might have to look at the docs for that one.  See what the function does ;)

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