Skype Plugin

Sean Egan seanegan at
Fri Sep 14 13:54:40 EDT 2007

On 9/14/07, Richard Laager <rlaager at> wrote:
> My advice: Don't get anywhere near that Skype API. That's a nasty, nasty
> license from my reading of it.

Wow, yeah. I almost stopped when I read "non-transferable," as that
alone appears to make it completely GPL-incompatible, but then I read
on to all the other rights it reserves in the case it *was*

I think my favorite was:
"At all times, You must constantly monitor the Skype Website"

Forget about sleeping! You have to keep hitting refresh on that Skype tab!

Eion, you are, of course, free to develop this plugin to your heart's
content. The GPL allows you to modify Pidgin without restriction. I
would think twice before distributing it, though, as you seemingly
cannot offer that same right to modify without restriction to everyone
you distribute to.

If you would like actual legal advice, I can get some for you.


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