ticket status report

Luke Schierer lschiere at pidgin.im
Sat Sep 15 08:32:35 EDT 2007

On Sat, Sep 15, 2007 at 01:40:25AM -0700, Sean Egan wrote:
> On 9/12/07, Luke Schierer <lschiere at pidgin.im> wrote:
> > > I'd be glad to do this. Do you mean the oldest 100 ticket in the 2.2.1
> > > milestone? Or the oldest 100 total.
> > The two are nearly identical, particularly if you mentally filter out
> > those related to Trac or the webpage.  I'd be estatic with either, but
> > for simplicity's sake, lets say in the 2.2.1 milestone.
> I started today from the top, closing as many tickets as seemed reasonable.
> It seems like the first 100 tend to be feature requests that require a
> significant amount of work with perhaps little gain. The middle seems
> to be more where we started letting bugs pile up do to our constrained
> resources dealing with the new project.

While I agree that we should not close otherwise valid defects, I think
we *should* close enhancement requests that non of us want to put on a
personal todo list.  Having it open creates the false impression that we
are still considering writing it, versus wanting to see a patch before
we will consider it.  Plus having it open generates more tickets, and
thus makes it harder for a user to avoid submitting a duplicate.

> I'd recommend instead of just purposely trying to close the oldest
> 100, everyone goes through the list and closes as much as possible,
> regardless of assignee, milestone, priority, or type. It'd be easier
> to make significant progress that way.

I trust your judgement on this.

> >From the  numbers, it looks like we manage to close about 70% of all
> the tickets that come in. That's really pretty good; it means we've
> closed 2,169 tickets so far!
> -s.

I am sorry if I have been nagging too much.  I know that you all have
done an INCREDIBLE job over the releases since we moved to trac at
closing tickets.  I have tried to be generous with my praise even as I
urge continued, and at times, greater efforts.  The fact of the matter,
as I see it, is that even in the releases with the fewest tickets
closed, we are still closing more tickets in less time than we were
managing using SF's trackers.  This is AWESOME.


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