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Sat Sep 15 22:10:16 EDT 2007

I think static builds are better sometimes, especially for embedded applications that use libraries no other application on the system uses.  I also think there is something astray in the autoconf/automake files for pidgin regarding static builds. My first Finch binary wouldn't work it said something like "applet not found" when I tried to launch it on my development board which leads me to believe that it wasn't truly static and it was looking for a shared library object.  Another indication for me was that when I built dynamically the Finch image was a little more than 5Mb and when I passed the static build flags the size of the binary did not change and of course it should have grown bigger.  It also threw some pretty ugly looking warnings about the protocols were *.a instead of *.so files, but I don't think I should be seeing such warnings if I am telling it to build statically.
 I am attempting a new build for FDPIC (dynamically shared position independent code) and see if I can get that to work.  Then I will worry about reverting it to static and if need be trimming its size and/or functionality (which I am already doing somewhat)

Kelly Wilson <wilsonkk at> wrote: Hey Bill,

It's good to see that you got finch to build on your embedded system.
Can I ask how you solved the static building problems, in the end. Did
you use the file from the MTN repo? Then did you make the
changes as outlined on the pidgin mailing list for file or
something else?


P.S. Did you get finch working/connecting properly yet? Good work in any

P.P.S. I am still having problems with an internal glib call
segfaulting :( I would like to try a static build though, just in case.

Kelly Wilson <wilsonkk at> wrote:

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