Incorporating into weapp pidgin and/or related tools

Bryan Haskins kingofallhearts999 at
Tue Sep 18 22:37:29 EDT 2007

I can't really help you too directly, but I just wanted to say that 
sounds like a really cool project. I can't wait to see it in action. 
Make sure to update when you get it working, it would be a cool thing to 
have a nice site integrating pidgin functionality. Sorry I can't 
actually help, just thought I would encourage you a bit. Good luck!

Dave Burstein wrote:
> Folks
> Advice or experience requested on how best to incorporate pidgin 
> and/or tools into a web site that supports finding video, building 
> networks, and sharing videos. It currently has a very simple tool to 
> allow users to send what seems to be IM like mail to each other if 
> logged in. I've taken over the project recently, and thought it would 
> be far more interesting to incorporate a free software package like 
> this with far more functionality including interchange with MSN, AIM, 
> etc. if that's practical. I'm sure other folks have tried similar, so 
> I'm looking for ideas on how best to do something like this. Pidgin 
> seems a great tool, so I'm beginning my questions here, but realize it 
> may not be the right discussion list.
> Questions in particular:
>     Using the libraries, what's the experience incorporating IM into 
> websites? Can I create a widgit/plug-in that works fairly well? Can I 
> do something simple that's essentially a text base client incorporated?
>     Should I be thinking about hosting a server that communicates with 
> an app embedded in the site? I'm asking because that might simplify 
> the firewall problems, using an AJAX link from the user's client 
> software to me that primarily passes text?
>      Why isn't this kind of thing common, especially with all the 
> "social networking" packages? Am I missing something in the technology 
> or some practical problems that make this an uncommon feature? What 
> are the right questions I should be asking?
>      If this seems like a practical project, where should I look for 
> programming talent that knows the tools? We have a moderate budget. I 
> welcome suggestions offlist of consultants or programming shops that 
> might have the relevant skills.
>      Help and suggestions appreciated.
> Dave Burstein
> p.s. I'm being coy about the name of the site because it really isn't 
> ready for visitors for about a month, but ask and I'll tell you offlist.
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