Incorporating into weapp pidgin and/or related tools

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Tue Sep 18 23:50:16 EDT 2007

Bryan Haskins wrote:
> Make sure to update when you get it working, it would be a cool thing to 
> have a nice site integrating pidgin functionality. Sorry I can't does use libpurple as a backend to implement this 
type of functionality.

> Dave Burstein wrote:
>> Advice or experience requested on how best to incorporate pidgin 
>> and/or tools into a web site that supports finding video, building 

If you dig back through the archives of this mailing list you'll see 
this question gets asked somewhat frequently (should probably get added 
to the FAQ).

>>     Using the libraries, what's the experience incorporating IM into 
>> websites? Can I create a widgit/plug-in that works fairly well? Can I 
>> do something simple that's essentially a text base client incorporated?

As I mentioned above its been done and others have asked about it. I'm 
not aware of anyone other than who is actually doing it. As 
for whether you "Can" do anything, its all a matter of your abilities 
and motivation.

Finch, the text based UI based on libpurple, was brought to a usable 
state in a single summer by pretty much a single developer, including 
developing a windowing toolkit over ncurses.

>>     Should I be thinking about hosting a server that communicates with 
>> an app embedded in the site? I'm asking because that might simplify 
>> the firewall problems, using an AJAX link from the user's client 
>> software to me that primarily passes text?

If you want to base your work on libpurple, absolutely.

>>      Why isn't this kind of thing common, especially with all the 

I think its not that common because most people either use a single IM 
service (in which they can use web clients specific to that service), or 
are content using a desktop client.

Hope this helped answer some of your questions.


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