Trac components

Sean Egan seanegan at
Wed Sep 19 07:13:26 EDT 2007

As anyone who's on the Trac mails will have noticed, I massively
re-organized most of our tickets tonight.

I've made Components for each of our protocols, as listed on and sorted tickets which obviously fit into one of
those. This makes it much easier to identify duplicates, and makes it
easier for people who "own" a prpl to fix it up.
is my favorite Trac link.

The "pidgin" component now contains half of our tickets: over 400 of
them. This is largely because Pidgin has been listed as the default
component: the grab bag of tickets. Very many tickets are incorrectly
assigned to "Pidgin."

I've made an "unclassified" component, and set that as the default.
While some people will still, surely, go out of their way to
misclassify their own tickets, this should drastically reduce the
number of misfiled bugs against Pidgin.


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