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Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Sep 25 12:24:54 EDT 2007

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 09:01:30 -0700, Sean Egan wrote
> On 9/25/07, markdoliner at <markdoliner at> wrote:
> > Is there any reason these statuses were set to not saveable and
> > not user-settable?
> Wouldn't that cause them to show up in the statusbox? And the saved
> statuses stuff?

Hmm, it looks like it DOES show up in the saved status editor (although it
shows up as "Unset").  Does it make sense to show independent status types
there?  It seems like our UI doesn't really handle that correctly, and we
should hide independent statuses from the user until it does.

When I think "user-settable" I think "this could be set by a plugin."  When I
think not-user-settable I think "this is a status the server assigns to us,
like mobile."


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