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Sun Sep 30 22:03:31 EDT 2007

The entire reason those channels show up in your buddy list is because you
told Pidgin to connect to freenode when you created an IRC account under
pidgin.  The message from freenode-connect was generated by *them* not
Pidgin.  The message from NickServ is also automatic, and comes from not Pidgin.


On 9/30/07, Kenneth G. Goutal <kenneth.goutal at> wrote:
> Ethan Blanton wrote:
> > Kenneth G. Goutal wrote:
> >> Hi.  I just installed v2.2.0 a day or so ago, on WinXP. Since then,
> >> whenever I start Pidgin up, not only does the Buddy List window come
> >> up, but also the Chat (?) window, with two panels open, one for
> >> "freenode-connect" and one for "NickServ". I'm relatively certain
> >> these are associated with IRC.
> > They are indeed associated with IRC.  Freenode messages you on
> > connection; these are not generated by Pidgin.
> This, to me, implies that a connection to Freenode is occurring.
> Is this true?
> If so, why would this be happening before I actually click on an
> IRC channel that's being served by Freenode?
> Just because I have a few IRC channels doesn't mean
> that Pidgin should connect to all their servers right off the bat,
> does it?
> >> Can anyone point me to the FAQ that explains why this is happening
> >> and, I hope, how to make it stop?
> >
> > The latter is handled by the IRC helper plugin from:
> >
> >
> Thanks, Ethan.
> I have now downloaded that and installed the irchelper (and irc-more)
> plugin(s).
> And the msg from Freenode is no longer being displayed.
> However, I'm still getting a message from Nickserv.
> Again, isn't this something that's supposed to happen
> when I actually connect to a particular IRC server?
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