IRC panels upen upon startup

Kenneth G. Goutal kenneth.goutal at
Sun Sep 30 21:54:33 EDT 2007

Ethan Blanton wrote:
 > Kenneth G. Goutal wrote:
 >> Hi.  I just installed v2.2.0 a day or so ago, on WinXP. Since then,
 >> whenever I start Pidgin up, not only does the Buddy List window come
 >> up, but also the Chat (?) window, with two panels open, one for
 >> "freenode-connect" and one for "NickServ". I'm relatively certain
 >> these are associated with IRC.

 > They are indeed associated with IRC.  Freenode messages you on
 > connection; these are not generated by Pidgin.

This, to me, implies that a connection to Freenode is occurring.
Is this true?
If so, why would this be happening before I actually click on an
IRC channel that's being served by Freenode?
Just because I have a few IRC channels doesn't mean
that Pidgin should connect to all their servers right off the bat,
does it?

 >> Can anyone point me to the FAQ that explains why this is happening
 >> and, I hope, how to make it stop?
 > The latter is handled by the IRC helper plugin from:

Thanks, Ethan.

I have now downloaded that and installed the irchelper (and irc-more) 
And the msg from Freenode is no longer being displayed.
However, I'm still getting a message from Nickserv.
Again, isn't this something that's supposed to happen
when I actually connect to a particular IRC server?

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