[GSoC] Thread-safe libpurple

Maciek Wiercinski ziemni at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 21:11:56 EDT 2008


I have applied for GSoC for XMPP Standards Foundation with idea to 
create an universal XMPP transport using libpurple. I'm aware that 
libpurple is not thread-safe, thus I will have to make it such to avoid 
scalability issues. I was suggested by Andreas Monitzer to move static 
variables to Thread-local storage.

  I've already found some things which will have to be moved, however 
I'm not really familiar with libpurple source, so I have the question - 
how big is that task? I have decent C  skills and experience in parallel 
programming, but little knowledge of the libpurple. How much time do you 
think it may take?

Thank you in advance
Maciej Wiercinski

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